Eating dairy foods every day can improve hypertension

A number of studies have shown three daily serves of milk, yoghurt and cheese is linked to a reduced risk of hypertension. The DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) diet is widely recommended for prevention and management of hypertension. This diet is characterised by a high intake of fruits and vegetables, is low in sodium and high in low-fat dairy. Evidence has shown consumption of the DASH diet is favourable for heart health, including CVD and stroke.10,11,12 While the DASH diet focuses on low or no-fat dairy, a new randomised controlled trial has also found similar reductions in blood pressure can also occur with regular-fat dairy and without compromising health benefits.13 These findings don’t just apply to adults; in a recent study of adolescents, it was found that consumption of both regular and reduced-fat dairy was significantly associated with reductions in blood pressure.14




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